Monday, March 7, 2005

Busy Puppy

I have been working so hard I have not had time to do another post. Today was an early one - We left at 6:00am to get to work for 6:45am - I forgot to go poo poo until we got there - ohhhhhh I had to hold it in. I helped mommy with the dressing rooms and then we went to catering for breakfast. I tried so hard to get in the catering truck but mommy kept coming and taking me out.There were lots of good things to eat on the floor by the catering truck.
We had a little nap in the morning. Unfortunately that bloody walkie talkie is going the whole time so we didn't fall totally asleep. Every now and then mommy had to get up and move clothes around. What a weird job she has. I would warn her whenever the extras were coming and let her know if it was someone I wanted to give a kiss too.
We got to come home early I was so happy about that I didn't puke at all on the way home.
I have some pictures to show everybody!

Me and grandma during a walk when she was visiting

Daddy giving me a belly rub

Sarah Brown giving Daddy a haircut - I was worried she would give me one too so I kept hiding in my tent

Mommy and me sleeping - we were so tired after work one day we fell asleep just like that with the lights on and everything. Daddy snuck in a took a picture and woke us up.


  1. Min min,
    You and mommy look like angels when you're sleeping. Awwwww...

    Daddy's hair is getting really long! Please tell him it got two thumbs up on the East Coast.

    I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your job. It sounds exhausting but very rewarding. It's too bad about the lack of food for dogs, though. Perhaps if you disguised yourself as a shoe or a hat, you could sneak into the catering truck.

    Big smooches for you! Tell Mommy and Daddy that we miss them.

  2. Minou,
    It sounds like you have been working very hard! I don't think I could wait that long to poo! I also think that your daddy should let you lick anytime, regardless of horse poop! Also just a note, if you've ever thought about jumping out of your bag while your mommy is walking.... don't, it's not a good idea! Nibbles, Isa