Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stupid Stargate TV Show

Mommy is sewing more for Stargate again. UGHHH she is so boring when she sews. We are working at Auntie Thyrza;s again. I just want to run around outside and look for those eveil kitties but mommy keeps me inside cause I like to hide. I think she is too overprotective.
Tomorrow is our trip to the vet to show them my lovely clothes. Mommy has been sewing all that stuff too. Sew sew sew you'd think it was her job or something. She has made all kinds of things but no pictures on the internet yet. I bet she take a bunch of pictures this weekend.
Mommy cut my nails this morning too - YUCK. I HATE it. I wasa very good though I only squrimed a little. I was excited to come home and play with Daddy but he isn't here. So I will read blogs until he comes home. It looks like Mommy is going to sew more. She hasn't stopped today....... Maybe I should start sewing. I sit on her lap I know how she does it. I will just have to figure out how I can get enough weight to push that foot pedal down.


  1. What do you mean Evil Kitties?! I may have big eyes and small brain- but that doesn't mean I'm Evil. For this slight I shall met you on the field of honor.

    -Fatima p.

  2. Don't take Fatima's challenge! Evil Kitties should be ignored. But if you must, I'll volunteer to act as your second.

    Hope the vet liked your clothes and wants to sell lots of them!

  3. I don't think all kitties are evil just those two. They try to scratch my eyes out when I want to sniff their behinds, They won't play with me.
    I met a kitty once outside who rolled over onto her back in the middle of the sidewalk and let me sniff her all over while mommy scratched her tummy, it was a great kitty!