Sunday, February 27, 2005

Isa's Blog

I just found another chihuahua blog! I am so exicted! She has a job too - it sounds very different then mine! I can't believe it.
Isa's Blog
She sounds really interesting. I hope we can be friends. I don't think she has a daddy like me which is too bad cause Daddy's are great! Shet gets to drink fancy drinks at Starbucks - not me. Mommy always leaves me outside and never brings me anything. Hardly fair. I did get to go in second cup once in Halifax and they brought me water - but it wasn't very exciting.
Mommy calls Daddy 'Dictator' and yesterday she said I am 'Anarchy' - hee hee I destroy all of Daddy's carefully thought out plans and then I lick him in the ear! HA HA HA HA. Dictator is trying to make muffins right now but he thinks the stove isn;t working. He has been baking the muffins for about oh at least an hour - they are still cooking - it will be a long night!
I'm so excited about Isa's Blog!!!!


  1. Minou, I am very excited that you found my blog! I didn't know there were other Chihuahua's out there blogging... although I'm not too surprised, after all, we are very intelligent! That's why I have a big "apple dome" forehead, like Reese W., she must be smart too! Mommy left me home today, so Sammy and I have been surfing the net! It's really cool that your Mommy makes you clothes, my Mommy has tried, but without a lot of success. It doesn't get that cold here in Texas, so I'm okay! She does make us homemade biscuits though!!! YUM YUM! Sammy and I love those! Anyway I would be happy to put a link to your blog on mine! We can be puppy-pals! Nibbles, Isa

  2. Minou,
    I was wondering how you found my blog? I also looked at your pic, I think you are a great model. I noticed you were in a yoga postion "down dog". Sammy and I do that one too! It feels really good on the back... we keep telling Mommy that yoga is easy! I think Mommy said something about giving me a bath....rrrr, don't like that! Nibbles, Isa

  3. Minou! You're making friends! I knew this blogging this was going to enhance your social life!

  4. Wow, Minou. Auntie Steph is tired. She can't even string together a sentence. (And she's referring to herself in the third person.)

    "This blogging thing" THING.


    Going to bed early.