Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tutorial on being a Film Mommy's Dog

Mommy is so tired. She gave me the day off yesterday - I am so glad cause she looks downright horrible today. She left the house at 6:15am and didn't come home until 11:00pm. Isn't that horrible. I feel so bad for mommy. She said she had a hard time driving home with her eyes open. Mommy's foot hurts again too. She said the truck was parked really park from the set yesterday so when they would call with an emergency she would have to run all the way to set - this happened so many times the transport guys (who could have given her a ride back and forth instead of sitting in their van watching a dvd) started making fun of her and imitating her limpy run until she finally explained she wasn't supposed to be running. Did they offer her a ride? NOOOO. Poor mommy. If I had been there I would have run back and forth for her. Although I think she would have to make me a hover cart to pull things because the heaviest thing I can drag around is baboon.
Maybe I should do a tutorial on how to be a doggie of a film mommy... Just like auntie steph did. I don't know if I am very good at it though.
Rule #1 Never get mad at Mommy for not being home enough/sooner
- it is not Mommy's fault if she had ANY choice she would not be sitting by herself in a cold truck, in the middle of nowhere, listening to a walkie talkie, not getting paid overtime, for 16 hours.
Rule #2 Always let Mommy know you missed her while she is gone
- Nothing makes Mommy happier then knowing you thought about her the whole time she was gone. I like to tell her this by licking every inch of her face until she falls alseep
Rule #3 Always getup and give Mommy a kiss goodbye no matter what time she leaves in the morning
- Mommy always seem surprised and happy when I get up at 4:30am to see her go to work. That makes me happy cause she gives me a little treat that I save for later.
Rule #4 When Mommy is home spend every waking hour within an inch from her
This will remind her how much you love her and miss her and not annoy her at all

That is all the rules I can think of right now. I am going to go play with Daddy and baboon...

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  1. Minou,
    I'm so glad you're taking such good care of your mommy. She's so lucky to have you around.

    My nephew, Pippin, is coming to stay the night tonight. It's his first sleepover at a our house. Here's hoping he doesn't get too homesick!