Wednesday, April 20, 2005

UGH and Extras Know Nothing

Mommy is working too much and she isn't taking me with her. She STILL hasn't picked up her knitting in DAYS - WEEKS!!!! She gets home late, has more sewing to do - even sews in bed, then goes to sleep. Thank goodness Daddy pays attention to be otherwise I would be a sad little puppy.
I DID have to have a bath yesterday. I was unimpressed. I shivered as much as I could. But it was totally ineffective. Mommy even dumped water in my ear. She said it was hard to miss they are so big - just hit me while I'm down Mommy.... She rubbed all that glorious poop off of my neck. Sigh....
Mommy looks tired. I hope we can relax this weekend - it feels very far away right now. NO MORE SEWING MOMMY!!!!!
Heh heh heh Mommy had an extra ask her during afitting yesterday if 'they needed any part time help - it looks like fun work?'
Mommy nearly slapped her. Not only had she been a difficult fitting unwilling to wear anything - but then she asks this??? mommy spent 9 years going to school! (yes she is slightly overeducated) Mommy was lucky and got into the union in a year to be eligible to have this job - some people try for over 10 years! There are many unemployed people in the union who want that job. and it isn't 'fun' and 'easy' it is hard work and long days.... Stupid extra. Oh yah why don't you just come in tomorrow for 3 hours. You know nothing about clothing in the 1100's or how to do alterations but won't we have 'fun' together??? Heh heh me and mommy liked to vent..
ok I am going to help mommy get ready for work so I an have a treat!


  1. Minou - please tell Mommy that I'm sending a big hug for her. Fittings are not happy times. Remind her that those who know and love her appreciate her talent and all those years of school. I know they all happened BM, but trust me, she worked very hard in school and she is one smart cookie (no, not a dog cookie). That Extra should have gotten a slap.

  2. Minou, your Mommy isn't trying to hit you when you're down, she's just under a lot of stress!

    Wonder how that extra would have reacted if someone asked her if she could take a part from her because acting looked like fun?

    Or maybe your Mommy should give her a pair of scissors, a bolt of fabric and a sewing machine. Then, as your mommy saunters away, ask her to whip up a Florentine Renaissance courtier's outfit before lunch. See how much fun she would have then!

  3. Dear Minou,
    My dad once said it's better to feel like poop than smell like poop. I have a wise, if weird, family. Anyway, hope you smell wonderful now after the bath. This would be a good time to get your heiney right in people's faces so they can appreciate your clean good smelling self!

    Your mommy sounds like she's very good at dealing with stress. Some people would have jabbed the doofus extra repeatedly with a T-pin. Or with scissors. But your mommy is a trained professional, and handled it with grace.