Saturday, April 16, 2005

New descriptions...

Auntie Steph Auntie Steph!!!! We put the new descriptions up on!!!
Even if you don't want any dog clothes you have to read my Auntie Steph's descriptions! They are sooooo FREAKING cute.. Check the spring/summer pret a porter - most of them have the new descriptions...
Mommy should be sleeping but Grandpa is in the next room and he SNORES. No he doesn't snore he makes the earth split open and then proceeds to close it up again killing several sick cows in the process....
So we don't know how much sleep we will get tonight. And tomorrow is race day. Eeks.. Mommy put all her clothes out tonight so she is all ready - even her underwear. Last week she was wearing what she thought was good underear but discovered it totally rides up her butt. Yuck. I'm sooo glad I don't have to deal with that stuff. Can you imagine? I have 6 tits!! And a tail!!!!! It would be a nightmare getting a good fit. I hope mommy doesn't read this and get any sick ideas about designing underwear for dogs - we are not interested..
Ok there is a lull in the 'snoring' perhaps we will try to sleep....
P.S. Grandpa has a camera so hopefully we will have some really horrible shots of Mommy huffing and puffing up the hills tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Yay! You liked them! Phew. I'm glad you chose not to post the one about the Poutine and used the alternate instead. Someone may have been offended.

    I feel like a real published "author" now. What's that? A Minou Pitou fashion show? With me reading the descriptions of the clothes? While Minou and her friends sashay down the runway? (sashay, like their normal walk?) Oh, dear. I'm not so sure about that.

  2. Ahahahahahahahah....

    "Unlike her mistress, Minou doesn't really enjoy long soaks in the tub, talking to Bark Hudson on her party line..."

    Heh! Minou's no fan of Pillow Talkin' bwahahahaha!!

    These are too funny. Love all the Doris Day references.

    I have never seen a cuter dog. EVER. Me, stalk! stalk!