Tuesday, April 12, 2005


something fishy is going on.... i can tell although i don't know what it is... One thing that is weird is mommy wants to come outside with me when I poop. It is weirding me out so I am not going. Nothing else out of the ordinary except the odd comment mommy made about me growing up and becoming a big girl - but mommy is a freak. She is also threatening to brush my teeth.....
i don't know perhaps I should hide in my tent and not come out today.
dictator daddy told me my french was horrible. I'm so sad I thought he would be proud. Good way to encourage me daddy. I will only speak english from now on until he tells he how proud he is of me for trying. well type english. I can't actually pronounce any english although I sure try alot. i wish I had lips.
ok i'm going to go hide before mommy catches me...


  1. Minou, sounds very odd to me...but mommies just act weird sometimes, they think it's their job. It took me a while, but I managed to figure out yesterday's post, or at least the gist of it. Did you get punished for jumping on your grandmother while she was sleeping?

  2. min min did you send me a letter, daddy put it on the table at lunch but he didn't read it to me yet so I don't know what it says. Mommy is working on reading but its kinda of like you and talking.
    I find talking easy with my big lips but they still always ignore me, so I just ignore them back, especially at doggies class and their faces go red and they say they are something called embarrassed....
    anyways thanx in advance for the letter i'm so excited to get mail!!!!!