Friday, April 22, 2005

dead mr X cat dolls

I am a dog. Therefore i do not like cats - or squirrels - actually I hate squirrels more then cats. Cats just won't play with me which is frustrating. Anyways. I asked Mommy if we could participate in our first knit along - the Mr. X knit along in support of CRAZYYYYY Aunt Purl - I don't actually think it is possible that anyone is crazier then my nutty Mommy. But Mommy said we could! So I want a new toy! I want Mommy to make me a toy that I can chew and hump! And we can call it Mr. X!!! I prefer a cat or a squirrel. Mommy was looking online for patterns but they aren't really me - very, well, just not for me. We were not inspired. To dorky.
Anyone seen anything good to be inspired by?
I don't know when Mommy will work on it - she is still working on her tankini and work has been draining her. Today she got home a little after 8:00pm - only gone for 12 hours today - not including travel time. Yuck. Who decided people in film like to work way over 60 hours a week?
But we will do it anyways.... GIMME A NEW TOY!!!!!!! I want it to have big dead 'X' eyes
Mommy brought home goodies today - I could smell that one bag was from the pet store!! There was science diet chicken jerky! One of my favourites! And this roll of 'chicken vegies and pasta' that she cut me a slice of - sooo good. I guess we are not enemies anymore!
I can't wait to tomorrow - Mommy and me will spend the whole day together - maybe we will go to the doggie deli that I haven't been to yet!!!!


  1. hee hee... crazy aunt purl is going to love you even more than she already does!

  2. Minou,

    YOU ARE MY FAVORITE. The BEST dog in the whole universe. Thanks :)

    your crazy aunt purl