Friday, April 15, 2005

ANOTHER lonely day..

Ack. I am home alone again today Mommy went off to work without me. She says it is because she has to work so late I will be happier waiting for Daddy to come home. I miss Mommy though. I would like to go with her. Yesterday she left soon after Daddy and didn't come home until midnight. Her fingers tasted like chinese food but she wouldn't let me lick them she just wanted to go to sleep. I cuddled up right next to her all night. I miss Mommy.
Not much else is new as a result.
Daddy got a raise yesterday. I don't know what that means but he was happy. He didn't look any taller. And he didn't have step to stand on. Maybe he has to leave it at work. Mommy is kind of strange she thinks it means she can go to the hairdressers. I don't know what being taller has to do with the hairdressers.
Mommy says she has to go on a super crash diet before we take out trip too. She says she doesn't want to look like all she has done since she's left is eat even though that is true. I don't need a crash diet. I'm perfect. Mommy's big run is this weekend too. My grandpa is coming for it. I'll have a grandma and a grandpa here- they have never met each other before - hopefully they won't bark at each other.
Mommy hasn't done any knitting in a few days. It has been sitting on the table for a few days. Perhaps I should pull it down today and see what I can come up with.
OK... well I guess I will go back to bed. I will try and think of some more #'s for my 100 things about me.


  1. Dear Minou,
    You are possibly the cutest dog that has ever lived. My cats are bigger than you are, and perhaps more evil than you, as you are not evil, but I am sure they love you since two of them tried to walk on the keyboard and help me type this comment.

    Also, you are the best Elvis EVER. I spent most of the morning reading your website, including every archive, because now apparently I am stalking you. Hope you can run fast. Hah hah. Just kidding. (hmmm!)

    The cats say "Hi," and also, "Meow."

  2. Gah! I have got to adopt a new puppy. You've got all the cool kids visiting you! Crazy Aunt Purl read your whole blog. Geez...

    Min min - Are you going to be at the finish line when Mommy comes across?

  3. Hi Minou,

    I'm glad you found Laurie and she found you, I think you guys have the best blogs, so it only makes sense.

    You should go visit Laurie in LA, though you might not want to go see the cats.

    BTW, I take pride in the fact that I was stalking both of you first!!