Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another lonely day..

Mommy left me home alone today while she went to sew. She is still sewing for Stargate. She says she has ALOT to do before Sat. and needs to work long days. Silly mommy - she procrastinates too much.
However this time alone has given me a chance to research our trip...
This is where we will get frozen banana's on Ventura Blvd by coldwater canyon.
This is where Mommy will get her double double animal style
This is where we will get our new fabrics for our fall collection of Minou Pitou and whatever other fabulous things we find. Mommy says "like shoes!!!!!!"
This is Uncle Nick
What I haven't found is a list of ultra cool pet stores - the kind that only the fabulous shop at. And Mommy didn't knit when she lived there so she would like to know if there are any must see knitting stores. Preferably next to the beach.
We will also visit Marjorie and James and Sarah B and Marco and Nimo and Nir if they are there. Mommy is so excited I can't wait to meet all this people.
Mommy says we have to pack our swim suits cause we will spend alot of time at the pool - SHE HASN'T MADE ME ONE! I wonder if I can figure it out on my own? And we can't forget our sunscreen.
oh boy I will start packing a little suitcase this weekend!
Mommy also is helping me start a 100 thing about me thingy. It is fun!!!! We are half way through...
oh we are adding to this post!!! after we already posted it!
Mommy just found this WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!! We simply must!


  1. Min min, You are going to love LA - it was made for fun-loving fashionista dogs like you. I know you and Mommy will have a great time. Remind her that she will have to come home some time! Hee hee. I can't wait to see photos of your adventure! oh, perhaps you could do "Minou's Guide to LA". hee hee.

  2. Hi! When you come to the Valley, keep going down Ventura Boulevard toward Laurel Canyon. On the south side of the street, somewhere between Whitsett and Laurel Canyon, there is the cutest dog store ever! Lots of beds and carriers and clothes. Very upscale.

    Minou, enjoy Los Angeles! Carney's makes great hamburgers.