Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Mommy won't be able to help me turn the computer on tomorrow morning so I better post tonight. She just got home from work - not quite a 12 hour day. She looks tired - and strangely dirty....
Tomorrow she has to get up to be AT WORK for 5:42am.... Yuck. Then she has to help the annoying 70+ people she had fittings with get dressed. Okay not all of them were annoying but the five or so that were can ruin it for everyone - that and did we mention starting at 5:42am???
Mommy probably won't be home until late again too.
At least Daddy takes me to the park and lets me roll in the poop everyday. Mommy didn't notice yesterday that I had rolled in it again and today AGAIN! It is the perfect little spot that is just in the sun before supper - nice and warm. I rub my neck in there sooo good. I usually get more on the right side - I think I am right necked. If I can avoid getting it on my clothes mommy doesn't notice as quickly. BUt it is hard I loveeeee rolllling in it...
Today I am wearing my black hoodie - heh heh it blends in - Mommy has no clue!!
I also managed to get a HUGE piece of horse poop. Daddy isn't as overprotective as Mommy so I can do what I want. When Mommy came home I french kissed her with my horse poop mouth - heh heh!!! Daddy told her afterwards - she said "great!" I think she was really excited about it.


  1. Minou, you're so adorable that even drenched in poop I bet you are lovely. Plus, wearing black makes the poop blend in. HA HA! Fooled your mommy.

    But so sad she has to go to work so early. I understand. Bankers are crazy and get to work before the armpit of A.M. Even though I'm not a banker, I work with them. And, thus, know the armpit of A.M. all too well. So tell your mommy I feel her pain.

  2. Oh Min Min - rolling in poop again? and eating horse poopie? I love you sweetie, but I think I would draw the line at the poop rolling, poop eating and then the french kisses. Ick.

    Tel mommy that I'm thinking about her today. Actually, it's 10:30am here, so it's 6:30am there and she's probably already suited up quite a few people. Eek.


  3. Ugh, your poor mommy! And I had the gall to get upset about a 9 a.m. meeting today--I am ashamed of myself.

    With all this work, no wonder she's tired. You need to give her a break, or at least, brush your teeth before you give her a kiss this evening.

    Is this job more Stargate or something else?