Sunday, April 17, 2005


I couldn't go - they don't allow puppies - even cute ones but Mommy and Daddy told me about it. YAYYY MOMMY!!! She ran the whole race without stopping!!! Grandpa too!!!!
For those of you who don't know Mommy was a couch potato until Jan when she signed up for a running class. It ended with this run - a 10km through downtown Vancouver with 50,000 other people. At the start Mommy was wheezing after a 2 minute run. But she did it!!!!

This is Mommy and Grandpa at the beginning before they were even at the race.

This is all the people in front of Mommy and Grandpa...

And this is all the people behind Mommy and Grandpa....
This is Mommy at the start...about 1/2 an hour before she actually crossed the starting line..

And Daddy had the camera ready to get a picture of Mommy at the end but silly Daddy almost missed Mommy. Momy was sprinting for the last 1/2 km and she was flailing her arms trying to get his attention and screaming his name. He wasn't seeing her and she ran right past him. - He saw her at the last minute but was too slow 5to get a picture.

So this is Mommy just after finishing.. You'll notice her face is slightly red and that look of sheer terror and panic is gone.
This is quite a bit later.. after Mommy beat Grandpa (heh heh she lost him on the last bridge) and they have found the free food.

Mommy doesn't know her time -she thinks about an hour and 5 minutes.. it will be posted tomorrow in the paper.. the sun run
Mommy's number was 23840.....


  1. Yeaaaah for your Mommy! She looks like she's happy and she should be! Keep her focused and next thing you know she'll be running in a marathon.

    Love the new clothes descriptions, go Aunt Steph (she left a comment on my blog, I'm so excited)! My stepdaughter is getting a puppy in May (a Miki, have you ever heard of them?) at her mom's house, so we will have to order some clothes to welcome her/him home.

  2. Congrats to your Mommy! You must be very proud of her! That is a big accomplishment! She should of carried you in the race, she could of probably ran even faster! My Mommy is training to ride her bike in the "hotter -n- 100" at the end of August. I don't want to ride in that, I'm pretty sure it will be hotter that hell! Nibbles, XXOO, Isa

  3. Min min... Sorry this is for Mommy:

    Ang, I know it hardly seems possible, but I'm even more proud to call you my friend after this great accomplishment than I was when I first saw your name in the credits for a movie! You've come a long way from that night we decided to eat 12 Tim Horton's donuts! Yup... you've gone all the way to eating 12 Krispy Kremes and being able to run 10k. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! You rock my world!

  4. Holy crap, Ange! I am blown away, way to go on your run! Hm... I'm trying to think of something to say that's as sweet as what Steph said, but reading her comment has left me a little tongue-tied. Well, I'm proud of you too. I think you rock too. :)

  5. I am truly, totally IMPRESSED! Way to go, Minou's mom! You look so... official... like a REAL MARATHONER. How cool is that! You're a marathon runner! (With a web-savvy and adorable dog.)