Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mommy is back at work....

...and Daddy is a horrible babysitter. I got my present from Auntie Steph today and Daddy took no pictures of me opening it, didn't put a cute t-shirt on me - NOTHING! Isn't he horrible. So no one paid any attention to me - he was too busy eating the granola bars before mommy could have any.
Mommy STILL hasn't decided if I am coming to L.A and she leaves tomorrow..... She is working even more then before (her boss today added another day) good for Mommy's bank account, bad for visiting. I want to go but I also don't want to be left alone all day but if I stay here Daddy will ignore me anyways... He will golf all day and watch tv. No fun for Minou... Not like fifi and romeo.....
Oh the stress my little heart is under. Tomorrow I will sit in Mommy's suitcase all day so she doesn't forget me (I always do this when packing is underway!) I have already put several C O O K I E S into the suitcase for later.
Auntie Steph I love my chubby big buddy - I think he will be one of those special toys - the ones you don't play with but keep on a shelf. Mommy said he had man boobs - what are those? Mommy hasn't tried my new sweater on me yet but she will - and she will take a picture too - I asked her too. I also have had several cookies since daddy left the bag open on the floor and he was too busy eating granola bars.
time to go play with Mommy before everyone goes to bed...


  1. Minou - Tell Daddy that Auntie Stephie said "tete de merde" when she read that he didn't take any photos. Daddy must have known that there were granola bars inside the package - perhaps you should have photographed him opening the box (I hope the bars are still fresh! They're a week old now - gasp!) Your C O O K I E S are from the Brewery Market, you know where they make Keith's. Uncle Andrew said that I could not send you a Keith's, just the cookies. I think Daddy would have stolen your beer if I had sent one.

    Have you been playing Chubby's cd? I wasn't sure if you already had one or not. He does have Man-boobs, doesn't he? He's a funny looking cat. My favourite part is his little bum. It's almost as cute as yours.

    I hope Mommy decides what to do about taking you soon.

    Big Smooch for the little pooch

  2. Oh Minou, I so hope you get to go!

    Really, your daddy needs to shape up here, stealing food from your birthday packages, not taking pictures, sheesh.

    Love the idea of Minouland. I'm sure you'd treat all of your workers much better than the folks at Disney. Never did think they paid anybody much, so that's why I was so surprised that people seemed to enjoy their jobs!