Thursday, May 12, 2005

my foster 'brother'

Mommy has become a foster Mommy to my new brother 'Exedra' Mommy LOVES him. She thinks we may tell brother Exedra's real Daddy that we LOST him. DO you think he will believe us?

She also keeps saying squatter's rights. She used brother exedra all the time at Auntie Thyrza's where it was being fostered before her and it's real Daddy has never used it. Poor neglected brother exedra... I think it should stay here too if only because it almost gave mommy and daddy a hernia trying to get it into the house. I will show it where to pee and which toys it can play with - not my new ones!
Here is mom's tankini progress

She isn't completely thrilled with some of her choices - like if the whole polka dot does not fit on the edge of the tankini - don't even do it! so instead she has these icky little half polka dots. Mommy never takes anything apart though so she is still finishing it. She has enough yarn to try another one though - maybe she will use that purple she bought once upon a time..
the pattern is a little weird in a few spots and she still isn't following instructions like if it says ssk - she just knits two together cause she doesn't really get it....
terrible knitter - stick to the sewing mommy!
oh almost forgot we finally got some yarn to do the knit along fro Mr X I will make mommy make something!


  1. Hmm, looks like Exedra is a lot bigger than you Minou. He is certainly heavier!

    Tankini is looking good and certainly no need to rip it out, I'm surprised your mommy would even consider it. If you saw the less than perfect knits Anmiryam has made in her time, you'd be giggling for weeks.

    If your mommy wants to try a left leaning decrease that's a bit easier to envision, she might try doing a k2tog through the back loop. That was the first kind Anmiryam learned.

    Are you planning on finishing you 100 things list sometime soon? Liz was reading them the other day and she was disappointed that it stopped early!

  2. Ooooh, Exedra looks like so much fun! I agree with the Squatters Rights philosophy!

    I should also probably stick to sewing (I'm not anywhere near as good as your mommy, of course, but sewing is second nature for me whereas knitting makes me cuss) but who cares! Knit! Knit away with your half-polka dots! See, that is what makes your knitting a unique work of art. And I think the tankini looks hard and your mommy has done an awesome job on it. So there.

    But enough of that... did you get your present yet? Did someone in customs steal it? What is going on? Hmmmm. Do they have dogs working in customs? VERY suspicious!

  3. So, Minou, when are you coming to see meeeee?

  4. So, do you think rawhide bones would set off the alarms at customs, where they would open or delay your present? Just theoretically of course. Because HELLO! It has been eleventy two weeks since I sent it. And Canada isn't that far away. *sigh*

    If homeland security comes after me, you know why. ;)

  5. i don't know if rawhide would get customs upset. Customs has their own special set of rules. Maybe the rawhide is with dictator daddy's golf magazine he is very impatiently waiting for it.....
    I bet those drug sniffing dogs sniffed it and thought "hey that smells good" which then would get the officers all upset because they would think they said "hey that smells like cocaine"