Saturday, May 14, 2005

Today is Saturday....

And I woke Mommy and Daddy up at 6:00am sharp! HA HA HAAAAA! I didn't need to. I am litter trained and can go pee pee anytime I want but I thought hey "you guys didn't take me for a walk yesterday so you deserve this" Let's ignore the fact that it was raining yesterday and I wouldn't have gone anyways - it is the principle of the thing.
Also Daddy bought new golf clubs and I heard him say to Mommy he was going golfing at 6:00am (he was at the driving range at 10:00pm last night) so I thought he might want to get up and go! I guess he doesn't like th rain either cause it is raining again this morning...

Mommy even went with Daddy and brought her two sparkly pink clubs that say 'paris' on them. Guess which one of them is a better golfer and picks clubs according to how good they are and not how well they match their outfit?

p.s. I will finish my 100 things list. It is hard when you are only 2 I don't have that much life experience. Auntie Steph emailed me some more suggestions I have just been to lazy to update it!
p.p.s. Daddy even had his new driver next to the bed all night, I think he would have replaced me and mommy with it if mommy had let him.

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