Sunday, May 22, 2005


Just a quick message... we are waiting for Uncle Nick to wake up. We have unsuccessfully tried to wake him up several times. He has to get up soon though cause mommy and him are going shoe shopping. (don't worry daddy I won't let mommy go crazy and yes Auntie Jenn Mommy has your shoe size.)
We had fun yesterday - we went to fifi and romeo. I smelled tinkerbell all over the place - her mommy even had autographed carrier bags..... Mommy bought me a t-shirt that cost way to much that she could hve made for way less but she got all excited! The guy liked us so much he even gave mommy a ring that matched the necklace she was wearing.
we also did fabric swatching yesterday. Some of the stores even let me walk and sniff while mommy cut the samples.
We didn't do much else... just fabric shopping. Mommy said two of the stores sold yarn now and they didn't before - she even saw a yarn called bling bling with gold leaf on it - it would match those teeth I want.
Mommy and Uncle Nick's mom keep going in the pool, like 3 times a day. They are obsessed.
At the place in palm springs there was big dogs and thyrza kept putting me in the pool - it was horrible. I was miserable there and mommy kept yelling at me. It is much nicer here.
I am getting more comfy here - I can now be in a different room then mom without panicing too much but I do have to check and make sure she is still here every now and then. I think I will freak out tomorrow when she isn't here..... I was supposed to go to doggy day care but they won't take me without some ridculous hour long interview..... Like I need to be interviewed they should WANT me.
uhmmmmm what else.
Mommy was THOROUGHLY disgusted when I ate what look liked a homeless peron's puke on the street in downtown L.A. yesterday. HEH HEH. She was so grossed out she refused to reach down and pull it out of my mouth. She says I am probably all diseased now.
We went to Santee Alley yesterday too - soooo loud everyone was yelling 5$ 5$ 5$..... Mommy loved it and bought bebe and gucci sunglasses - oh my you might say but don't worry they were only 5$.
ok well that is all for now - time to wake up Uncle Nick again. Heh heh whenever Uncle Nick tries to give Mommy a hug or even come within 2 feet of her I growl at him!!!!! HEH HEH... I have got him soooo scared. I am doing exactly what Daddy would want me to do. there goes the alarm.......

P.S. I see by my weather pixie it is cold and rainy there - HA HA HA HAAAAA it is soooo hot here - I even got a little sunburn on my ears there other day. I have been walkingaround naked cause it is too hot to be dressed!!!!


  1. you have learned well, young face de pet! your training is almost complete. now keep a eye out for the shoe buying quota and start barking when she passes it! good pup! bye ma belle tite chienne

  2. Minou - I am very glad to read that you are keeping Mommy out of trouble. As Daddy says - watch out for the shoes - but I'm a 6.5 wide, ok?

    Did you have the frozen banana yet?

    Canada hasn't been the same since you left. It rained all weekend here too. Please bring the sunshine when you come back, ok? It was so cold here on Sunday that I could see my breath in the air! Brrrrrr!

    (Wait til you see my blog posting today - I've got lots of photos!!!)

    Mwah, mwah!

  3. You are the luckiest, cutest dog on earth! You met Crazy Aunt Purl and all her friends. You're shopping for cool doggie stuff, going to the pool, buying shoes, buying fabric, even looking at yarn.

    Sounds like a dream vacation!! Was the homeless person puke good?

  4. You sound like a dog of the world my dear. I see you had a good time at Auntie Purls party too!