Friday, May 27, 2005

uncle nick is sleeping

this means Mommy can help me turn on the computer and I can actually do a post....
So much to say and I am sure I won't remember it and will have to slowly report it back during the next few days......
ANd I might repeat myself. We are on painful sucky bad AOL here and I can't stand the thought of waiting the 1/2 hour just to go back one page to read what I wrote the other day. I have too many other important things to do....
Ok so yah let's start with what MOmmy did wednesday. I wasn't with her cause she had to work but she told me about it. She went for lunch with the designer lady and they met up with one of the designer lady's friends - this designer lady's friend is her screenwriter for this amoung other amazing things. Mommy just found out she is even cooler then she realized..... she was amoung greatness. I think she needs to write a movie about puppies - like me... Apparently she has a dog named Toast who Mommy met... I guess Toast could star in the movie with me.
Mommy also saw another lame TV celebrity - that chick from sabrina the teen aged witch - in starbucks. Not very exciting - in fact kinda lame I think...
Mommy didn't come back until late wednesday and then she went for supper with Uncle Nick and a bunch of strangers. I hung out with Barbara and Gus - we watched some movies and I tried to distract them and make them drop their supper...
Thursday Mommy didn't work. We went to Target in the morning while Uncle Nick was still in bed.. Actually Mommy went swimming first - she is always in the pool.. ALWAYS.. I hate it. I sit as far away as I can on the lounge chair....
Then in the afternoon - I don't remember what we did - oh yah went to visit Marco. Marco has a chihuahua named audrey. We didn't like each other she was too much of a diva for me and really nosy. Mommy took some pictures but they are on the regular camera so you will all have to wait until the roll is full and we can scan them in. Marco has a doggie clothing line too and he GAVE me one of his designer t-shirts. (There will be pictures of this too - Uncle Nick has a bunch of me in this) It was great. I have been a very good girl and not cried in the car ONCE during the whole trip. I like the freeways. When we go in Uncle Nick's car I always get in the back seat without Mommy telling me. Then after marco we went to Carney's so Mommy could get her Bloody chocolate dipped frozen banana. There will be pictures of this too...... She enjoyed it and shared not even a drop with me. After yet another swim Mommy Uncle Nick and me went to a big fancy house on a hill for supper. We met Esme and Sue and Cody and Kit......This is Esme.... She was so pretty and her whole family is so nice. She is going to Julliard next year to take her undergraduate in dance. I am thinking I might become a dancer too. I have the right body type.... Mommy can make me some pretty tutus like Esme. We stayed there late and I finally fell asleep. Oh but they had two sheepskin rugs and I miss my mauve one so I spent several minutes (like at least 1/2 an hour) digging on them and doing my yoga. It was sooo soft. I slept on Mommy's lap for the entire drive home. Today hasn't been as exciting. Mommy and Uncle Nick sat by the pool or IN the pool yapping. We did go out to a camera store at one point and Mommy and I went to another fancy dogstore while Uncle Nick played with cameras. I got a sushi treat but Mommy doesn't like sushi so I don't either and I refuse to eat it.
Barbara and Gus are gone for supper so I can't look cute and make them drop food. This makes me sad it is our last supper here.....
Ok that is all I can remember now..... I probaly won't write again until I am in Canada - we start driving back tomorrow.


  1. Wow, Minou, you sure had a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles. I'm sorry I missed out on meeting you and your mommy, but my car was sick and I had to take it in to get it fixed.

    I hope you enjoyed your stay here! Someday I'll get to meet you and your mommy, I promise!

  2. Min min - it sounds like you had a great time in L.A. I bet Barbara, Gus and Uncle Nick are really going to miss you. Esme's lambskin rug might not miss you as much - ha ha.

    I'm so excited that Mommy met the screenwriter for *that* movie. I seem to recall that it is one of her favourites. Your Mommy is definitely cool.

    I know you probably won't get this message until you get home - but I hope your drive home is safe and uneventful. Be sure to kindly sniff the border guards; you don't want any unnecessary strip searches.

  3. Minou - My 2 Jack Russells have discovered your Blog. And now they won't stop reading! Thank the Dog Gods they haven't found your clothing line yet - they love to get dressed up! Abbey and Opie also are very jelous that your mommy makes you cookies - they were wondering if you woudl share the recipe?

    Also - Tell your Mommy - Parts of Edward Scissorhands was filmed here in my town!