Sunday, May 15, 2005


Mommy 'finished' her tankini.... she isn't thrilled with it. There was a few spots in the pattern that she would have liked to have a bit more directions (mommy liked to be told exactly what to do)
But we have no pictures of it yet. One reason is she would like to try blocking it a bit if she can come up with something to do it on. Another reason is it is rather revealing! It would definitely be a cleavage shot. Now for whatever reason it is okay for pictures of my lala to be posted on this blog but not Mommy's hooters... something isn't fair....
Mommy also finished my mr. X knitalong toy.... And boy it is as ugly as Mr. X must be!

It is so ugly I actually won't touch it. Mommy claims she did the uneven horns on purpose. It was supposed to be a cat - what happened to the cat?
Daddy likes it I will let him have it.

Daddy also has a new hat..

Mommy took this picture of me and Daddy cuddling last night - are we cute?
Not much else is new. It was POURING this morning. So mommy didn't run - nothing we all sat on the couch and watched coronation street. When the rain stopped we went for a walk which was nice... we mailed some toys I don't play with to Julien....
I wasn't keen on that idea but mommy said I had been getting so many new ones I have to give some away.
ok I am tired from my walk - naptime on the couch...


  1. hey! i have rights over theses pictures! start coughing some doggy dough my way , you cheapskate! such a handsome mug is worth more than your skinny little hind.ahahahahahah

  2. Hi Minou! Look how cute you are and look how SKEERY that Mr. X toy is!! RAWR!! Your mommy is too funny. And I am very happy that you hate the Mr. X toy, he deserves the bad karma. Um, I mean "it" deserves the bad vibes... LOL.

    I hope your toys arrive there before you arrive here!!!