Sunday, May 8, 2005

Grand mere is gone...

Grandma left today! And she didn't even say good bye to me!!!! last night we played lots. She helped me watch Daddy BBQing. It smelled so good. Grandma would lift me up high so I could see the meat on the BBQ.
Mommy didn't even eat her meat!!! I wantd it but she didn't give it to me. She thought it was steak but it was lamb and it reminded her of lambie - her toy that she has had since she was a baby. Silly mommy, it is just a stuffed toy AND she won't let me play with it.
Oh well
I'm going to ask Mommy for these!
Mommy said only 12 more sleeps until we are at uncle Nick's house. She is starting to wonder if she should bring me. I wanna GO! I'm good company!
Daddy and Grandma took me for a walk today while Mommy worked. That was fun except Daddy had my collar too tight. I think he was trying to choke me ever so slowly..
man.... writing something interesting is hard when all you do is sleep all day.
I know Mommy wants to give me another bath. I am dreading it.


  1. Ok, maybe it's just me, but those teeth are weird!

    Sorry your Grandma left, it looks like she was having fun with you.

  2. Qua? Pas de Mamere maintenant? She didn't say "au revoir"? Oh, Minou, I'm sure it's because she loves you so much and she's going to miss you and she probably didn't want to break down and cry.

    Min min - I want to see a photoshop job of you with those teeth. Hee hee...

  3. Minou,
    If you had those teeth you would scare the big mean cats! Even Sobakowa, a.k.a. Chairman Meow.

    When you come visit me, do you want to go shopping? You can rest in your new bag. I will take lots of pictures of you!

  4. Minou,
    You are a riot! What other puppy would want Gansta Teeth?! It must be the impending trip to LA, that whole wanting to fit in with your peeps and hanging with your homies at your crib, thing. Good Luck with that!