Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I had a quiet day today.... I had the house to myself. Mommy slept in this morning - she didn't set her alarm properly but luickily she wakes up at the crack of dawn. She just didn't have time for a run.
I barely got out of bed to say goodbye - it was sooo good to sleep in our warm soft bed again. I missed it. I stayed there all day. And now I'm spending the evening in my tent, I love it.
Mommy got home from work late - she is only doing 10 hour days but she has to make up some time since she was late on Tuesday.
She came home smelling all weird. I had to sniff her whole skirt and hands. She was covered in fur - I could smell buffalo, raccoon, rabbit, sheep, and who knows what else. She said she is making barbarian costumes. I am a little worried. I hope they don't need any blonde short fur.... I think I must make sure mommy can't find me when she goes to work tomorrow morning.
It is nice to be home although I miss getting stuff dropped on the floor from Barbara, Gus and Nick.....

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  1. Sure sounds familiar.

    Trigger's Paw Print. Because he's just too adorable!