Saturday, June 25, 2005

big dog eats chihuahua for lunch

ok so today was a busy day. after mommy got back from her run, me, mommy, grandma and grandpa went shopping. We shopped all afternoon - and again NOTHING for me! Dreadful. When we finally got home Mommy had to have a nap so I curled up with her. I miss her so much during the week I don't leave her side when she is home. I think she must be very tired from work. She slept in until 9:00am - usually she wakes up at 7:00 without an alarm. Anyways after our nap we all went for a walk. We had just crossed the street and Mommy was in the process of taking off my leash so I could run and sniff on the trails when grandma says "oh Ang there is a big dog up there" Mommy then says"that isn't a big dog it is a coyote" Now I don't know what a coyote is but i was listening to mommy talk and apparently they like to eat cute little puppies, they are smart and travel in packs. I was TERRIFIED. So mommy kept my leash on (which sucked) and stayed really close to me. I guess it was okay though - the more they talked the more scared I got. At one point I made Mommy carry me cause I was too scared. I don't think I want to see one of those coyotes again.
after the coyote we had supper and then went to the chinese night market! Woohooo - who knew there was so many other chihuahuas that liked the night market. I made all kinds of friends including rocky - he was a handsome sucker - only 7 months old but if mommy likes younger men why can't i? he was brown with a black stripe down his back.... It was fun but I was very very very tired. Now I am resting and I think I will go to bed soon...
Daddy didn't come home this weekend. But that is ok Grandpa Mel is trying to be a dictator too...


  1. hi love your blog. I am a dog too my blog address is

  2. Minou, I'm so glad the coyote didn't get you! You are right to be afraid. Luckily you have a good mommy to protect you.

    Rocky sounds HOTT!

  3. allo ma belle tite chiennne!
    i miss you sooo much!(your mommy too...)i just caught up on everythimg in the virtual world while doing my laundry. thanks for the DDD wishes. get ready for when i come back: we're going coyote huntin'! ttyl