Friday, June 24, 2005

i came back

i actually came back the next day but I haven't been able to go on the computer.
I went to Thyrza's and Erez's (how many couples do you know who both have z's in their names?) Mommy said she was going to be gone for more then 14 hours and she didn't want to leave me alone so I got to play at their house on wed.
it was fun I chased that kitty 'betty'
MOmmy dropped me off there at 6:30am and she didn't come get me again until 9:00pm. She has a LONG day at work. She was soooooo DIRTY I have never seen her so dirty. BLACK - face hands feet - everything. GROSS.WHen we got home Grandma and Grandpa were back and Grandma wouldn't even hug her - she was soooo dirty. It has been three days now and she still isn't clean. I wish I had taken a picture... maybe next week. She said the 'barbarians' were even making fun of her. Apparently there is REAL barbarians at mommy's work and she spends the day in the forest with them getting dirty. She said today she was standing in the rivier with them and there was two stunt barbarians who got really wet. I wouldn't want to be a barbarian. Unless maybe they get to roll in dead things too...
anyways mommy has been working really really long hours and grandma and grandpa are here - busy busy. Dictator Daddy hasn't come back from Whistler yet. I wonder if he is coming back this weekend. If he does I bet grandpa will give him some grapes too.

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  1. Oh, Minou we are so relieved. And your Auntie Steph helped us not to worry too. Your poor Mommy--how hard she works. And what is your Daddy doing at (on?) Whistler? Is there snow in JUNE?! If you don't have time to post this weekend because you are helping your Mommy to rest we understand.