Saturday, June 4, 2005

Dad's new 'FRIEND'

I am not impressed. Look at the picture Daddy showed me and Mommy today..... Hrmph. I leave for 10 days and look what he does!!! MY MORTAL ENEMY!

In the doorway. I am surprised it didn't come right in the house and Daddy didn't offer it my food!! He probably gave it my jerky!!!!!!I am sooo angry.....
If he is going to do this everytime we go away I won't be going away again.....
No sir.... next he'll have cats over too.... and big dogs.... and maybe those things called horses - which might not be so bad cause then I can eat their poo.
Here is me in the sweater Auntie Steph. Mommy took it before we left. I was sleeping abd not very happy about the picture but at least you can see how well it fits me..


  1. Minou - I am surprised at Daddy - entertaining squirrels while you were away? That's shocking. Absolutely shocking. I certainly hope he doesn't start entertaining that squirrel inside of your house.

    I'm very happy to see that the sweater fits. I was worried about that while I was knitting it. Phew!

  2. Minou: If you like I can send my friend Wyatt over to take care of your daddy's new friend. He LOVES to chase squirrels, and I remember his mama, Jen, telling my mama, La a story about how Wyatt chased squirrels all over hell and creation one time when they went camping.

    Oh, BTW, Minou, I think you're un perro muy caliente! I think my mama posted a picture of me this week on her blog.