Saturday, June 4, 2005

Since you Mommies have a weird thing about shoes...

I thought I would share Mommy's purchases with you.... Daddy told me not to let her buy anymore shoes after the first pair but I am a very small dog and it is hard to stop someone when you are in a purse!
This was the first pair Mommy bought.

I wasn't with her at the time. The story goes that Uncle Nick found them and then when he wandered off to find Mommy (to show them to her) she found them and practically had them on her feet. Obviously they were a must have especially in Vancouver. They are much better then her $12 zellers rubber boots.
Next pair was the keens

As we said Mommy's new favourites, They are already getting dirty...
Lastly was these

from ross dress for less in bellingham - BCBG.. You can see they are TOO BIG on Mommy but since when does that stop her!!! She figures a heel grip or two and problem solved. I don't know where she thinks she will wear them.... Silly silly Mommy....
I figure you humans are weird for wearing shoes in the first place. They are horrible things. I guess as long as Mommy doesn't try to make me wear anymore she can have hers.
Maybe tomorrow we will post her other purchases.... although there is underwear and I am NOT taking pictures of Mommy in underwear - especially since it isn't really pretty - she bought it casue she was silly and didn't pack enough.


  1. Minou! Rip those flip flops off your mommies feets and bring them to me right away! I must have them! PS-Do you have a dinosaur sweater yet? I gots a pattern!

  2. very suspiscious allegations about shoes lady!

  3. Those pink shoes are so so so so pretty. Minou, I can't understand why you don't like shoes. You of all dogs should understand the importance of having great accessories to go with a great outfit!