Tuesday, June 7, 2005

mommy is...

officially 10 lbs lighter then when she started running... That is more then an entire ME! She sat at 7lbs lighter for a very long time but recently the scale started going down again. And to repeat Mommy has not dieted at all - at work she snacks on chocolate and various other goodies all day long.... She is CRAZY!!! I bet if she dieted she would take off all the weight she's put on since graduation - but then my mommy and I aren't ones to say no to treats....


  1. Congrats Mommy! You rock... well, you jog, really... but you know what I mean.

    Minou - how long has it been since Mommy started running?

  2. Minou, tell your mommy how impressed I am that she did this!

    You'd think Anmiryam would take a page from her book and get off her duff, huh?

  3. wow! huh... i mean, huh, i noticed! i'm super proud of you ma belle. but you should'nt have spilled the beans about the snacking at work: i'm gonna cut you off at home! hahahaha! keep up hte good work!

  4. Mommy started running in January - but there was three weeks when we couldn't run cause she hurt her foot and had to start all over again (with the weight) and she didn't run the entire time we were in L.A. I quit running with her in Feb. - I didn't like running more then 10 minutes at a time so I quit going. I don't need that much exercise.

  5. I go walking with my mommy, I like to go very fast and pull on my leash all the way, unless I get tired... then I take a break and make my mommy carry me. I also like to bark at the big dogs! Mommy doesn't like that! Later, Isa :-)

  6. Minou,
    I am so impressed by your mom's accomplishment! She is one pretty lady, all that running must be giving her that healthy glow, since I don't think it was the sweet tea I forced on ya'll.

    I think I'm going to start small with walking and maybe build up to running. How many miles a day (and days a week) does your mommy run?