Saturday, June 11, 2005

OHHHH long day at work

yes it is saturday and yes I went to work today. Mommy woke up at 5:00am and by 6:00am we were already half way to work. I didn't want to go. I hide in my tent as long as I could. Not only was it 5:45am but it was raining outside - WHY WOULD I WANT TO GO ALONG!!!
But when I got there it was sooo exciting. Mommy's works in a building with lots of corners and underneath things and shelves at my height so I spent the first hour sniffing everywhere.
I smelled a spot where another dog was so I thought I should pee there too. Mommy didn't figure that out for awhile and I got in trouble for it.
Julia and Rosalee were there at the same time as Mommy - I tried to get treats from them. (SHHH don't tell but I got a piece of granola bar) Julia's table had lots of good hiding spots so I put my greenie there.
More and more people came to work - Soula, Petra, eliza, Keith, Melissa, Lauren, Ute, Audrey, Mitchel, Phong and Nancy - I think that is everyone.
Julia tormented me ALL DAY! If I was sleeping she would poke me, if I was eating she would take my food away, if i was playing she would take my toys away. Then she would ask Mommy why I didn't like her - DUHHHH!!!!!! She has a puppy at home named Lexus - boy do I feel sorry for her!! Maybe she should come live with my Mommy instead.
Mommy had alot of handsewing so I spent most of the day sleeping in her lap. It was fun!
BUT after 10 HOURS I was ready to come home - sooo tired. (Remeber when I did sleep Julia woke me up) Mommy said she should have brought her camera - but she didn't. Maybe if she works another Saturday I will get to go again.
There was a BIG BIG BIG room when they make fake rooms and stuff to shoot scenes in and it was EMPTY today so on our way to go pee pee I ran inside. Mommy couldn't catch me - I ran soooo fast in the great big room (like a big airplane hanger) Round and round and round and round and round. But then mommy said I was going to have to stay there by myself so I got scared and caught up with her.
I think I am going to go play with Baboon now... He didn't get to go to work....
Hello to all my new friends - where did you all come from??? Do you have blogs? are you cats? dogs? big dogs? scary big dogs who really want to eat me and not be my friend....


  1. Minou - You might get some hits on your clothing website because I was talking your clothes up at the Expo I worked at all weekend.

    The Greyhound rescue club was there so I gave your website info to a lady whose doggy was wearing a very beautiful pink floral collar. She was a very classy dog, so I'm sure she'll be checking out your site.

    Also, I talked to a lady and her Great Dane. His name was Buddy. I don't think she will be placing any orders for Buddy, but Buddy was an awfully nice dog. He leaned up against me because he loooooooves being patted. (When Buddy arrived, Hercules, the 180lb Saint Bernard went home. I think he was jealous because he wasn't the tallest dog in the room anymore.)

    There were also a couple of schnauzer's there...

  2. Hey Minou! We are the Woolly Mutts. I'm Sam and I speak for the group. We are all big dogs, especially Cooper, he weighs 150 lbs, but we like little dogs and would watch out for you. Kody, our Alpha Leader is a good leader and would let you join the pack if you want to. We have cats at our house that like dogs, but they don't play fun games or have fun toys. We all live in the US...Illinois. Our Mom reads us your blog every day. We wish we had cool clothes like you!

  3. Hi Minou,
    Just wanting to share our favourite PB&G cookie recipe and we promise we won't dognap you. Just yet.
    3 cups whole wheat flour
    2 cups oats
    1/4 cup wheat germ
    1/4 cup dry non fat milk
    1 1/4 cups water
    1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
    1 large egg
    1 Tbsp Garlic powder

    preheat oven to 275 degrees

    Mix flour, oats, wheat germ, powdered milk and garlic powder in a large mixing bowl. Blend the water, peanut butter and egg in a blender until smooth, then add to the dry ingredients.

    Roll the thick dough into 1/2 inch thickness on floured cutting board. Cut into desired shapes. Place on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 1 1/2 hours. For crispier biscuits bake an additional 30 minutes.

    Makes about 3 dozen.

    Hope you like them! Happy cookie chowing!

  4. I am going to ask Mommy to make those tonight - they sound really really good!!!!!

  5. Minou - We are Abbey and Opie and we live in FL with our mommy Crystal. She is bad about posting pics - but there is at least one of us at

    We are Jack Russels - so we are not too much bigger than you! Though we probably weigh a bit more!

    Thank You for the recipes! We are going to make mommy make them for us very soon!

    - Doggie Butt Sniffs and Kisses!

  6. Hi, Minou--we are two small dogs who live with our Mommy and Daddy in North Carolina. We also live with our big brother Gus who is an orange cat who weighs more than either of us. I (Pip) am mostly Chihuahua with some other bits, too and I am a genius and sometimes tell fibs. My big sister Daisy looks like a dachsund and Jack Russell mix and she peepees when she is very happy or excited. We live near the woods and like to roll in deer poo. We think your Mommy's clothing designs are very attractive, but we never wear clothes. I hate my collar even. We don't have a blog because our Mommy is too lazy to learn how to help us make one, but we love to read them. I think Crystal in Florida is Crazy Aunt Purl's friend.
    We are very happy to have an internets friend in Vancouver! Mommy says that is a beautiful city. Our friends Tim and Diana live there.

  7. Hi Minou. We are cats: Seamus, Zora and Thomas but our mommy reads your blog and thinks you are pretty cute.We live in Ontario but like the west coast better.We won't wear clothes but your purses are uber cool.Mommy has made those dog biscuits for all our dog friends and for the school Fun fair. She tried to make treats for us out of mackerel but we didn't go for them so the neighbour's dog ate them instead. The kids in this house want a dog, in fact, one of them wants a chihuahau but Mommy says Zora would eat it for lunch.You know, she's probably right.

  8. Hi Minou! We are a couple of wild Western Pennsylvania dogs whose mom reads your blog... I, Poochie am a DALBRADOR (which means my mom was a dalmation and my dad a labrador) and the other rotten dog, Jethro, is part whatever --he is striped like a tiger though and a real pain in the butt to me. My poop is bigger than you are. But you are cute.

  9. AHA!!!!!!!! I knew it!!! Minou will now be the most famous dog on all the internets!!

    Please don't forget me when you are rich and famous and have an entire fifi & romeo closet.

    your crazy aunt purl who has been working crazy hours, too, and not a lot of time for blog writing, so sorry!

  10. Hi Minou!

    I'm Lucy, a medium sized dog who lives in Arizona. That means my mom doesn't make me any clothes, it's TOO HOT! I only go outside at nighttime in the summer because it's cooler and it's fun to wake mom up at 3 am.

    One of my friends is a chihuahua named Mariah. She's very, very tiny and I like to follow her around and step on her tail (it's ok, it's got so much hair on it, she steps on it herself!). She spent the night at my house a while ago and soon I'm going to spend 2 weeks at her house (with her pool!) while mom goes to school.