Wednesday, June 29, 2005

not much to say today..

mommy got home really late because there was an accident on the highway today... SO I slept ALL DAY. Now she has been cleaning up some of her mess because daddy is coming home tomorrow night.
Since I don't have alot to say I thought I would distract you all with some of my pictures when I was a PUPPYYYYYY!! MOmmy found them yesterday night.

Aren't I the cutest?
Mommy has to do a night shoot tomorrow - she doesn't start until 8:00pm - isn't that dreadful? And it is a 2 hour drive from home to get there. Poor Mommy she will be really tired. I wonder if she will be awake enough to take me to fireworks friday (note to americans - it is canada day friday)


  1. Oh Minou, what a sweet puppy pitcure. Opie and Abbey are currently not speaking to me because the other day I mentioned that I wanted another puppy.

  2. Those are very cute pictures, Minou. I will show them to Daisy when she gets home. Daddy has taken her to the vet because she hurt her back but now she is acting all better just so Mommy and Daddy can feel like complete overprotective morons and spend way too much money for an x-ray. I am with Mommy at work today because she doesn't trust me to stay home alone. For good reason too. And happy Canada Day!

  3. You are the cutest, but was there ever any doubt (don't tell Paco!).

    Sorry your mommy has to work late tonight. I'm taking Canada off in solidarity with my northern brethren. Really.

  4. I LOVE the baby pics! I'm DYING to ask your mommy what project she's working, but I probably know the answer to that question...can't say. (Don't tell Jen this) but I watch a lot of shows that are filmed in Canada.

    Our Saber commiserates with you and the whole fireworks thing. We live close to Disneyland and he has to hear them every night. And now this weekend they'll be lighting them off even closer to home. All weekend long. Saber guesses that CA not only stands for California but Canada too, therefore California is allowed to celebrate Canada Day AND Independence day.

  5. Min min - awwwwwwww... you're such a cutie patootie. I'm so sorry that I didn't get to see you when you were that little. You were almost full grown when you arrived here!

    Happy Canada Day pupster!

  6. You were the cutest! And still are! No wonder Daddy snatched you up and wouldn't let you go!