Friday, June 3, 2005

mommy;s new shoes

AUntie Stpeh thinks Mommy's toe is gone but it isn't true... They are Mommy's new favourite shoes.... Obviously keens haven't become as popular in Halifax yet. EVERYONE is wearing them here.....
Mommy bought one pair last summer. Her friend Nicola has about 8 pairs. They like them because they have closed toes so they can wear them on film sets (union rules no open toe shoes)
Mommy bought these ones in L..A.

But they are pink... they aren't really a closed toe but that little bit of a cover has protected her toe many times..... she bangs it all the time - she is klutzy to say the least....
They were everywhere in L.A. too......
So Auntie Steph you should get some too. They make cute boots that Mommy wants for fall..
website has SOME pictures but not all
Okay we are going for a walk now.... later

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  1. Minou - I checked out the Keens website and they do have them in Halifax. Even in Dartmouth! I'm going to have to look for them. Didn't Mommy buy a pair last year, didn't she? Of the strappy sneakery ones?