Monday, June 13, 2005

holy smoke there is alot of you......

i had no idea there were so many puppies who read blogs..... no clue.... and my blog.... wow. Now I feel the need to write something interesting...
unfortunately nothing interesting happened today. Both Mommy and Daddy left for work at 6:00am..... I stayed in bed as long as I could and got up at the last possible minute in order to make sure Mommy left me a cookie.
Then I slept. ALL DAY LONG.....
Daddy came home around 5:00 and left again and came home again..... I still slept.
Mommy didn't come home until 8:30.....
I said hello to her and crawled up on the couch. After she ate she took me to the park. I didn't really want to go - I tried to tell her that by hiding in my tent. I think she was feeling guilty cause she got home to late to go for a run. But she put on my new sweater from Auntie Steph and out we went.
There was a BIG DOG outside. He had no Mommy with him and he ran right up to me. I was brave at first but I got scared after he sniffed me to long. So then I started screaming and running circles around Mommy. I screamed and screamed. Finally Mommy (she is so mean) picked me up but geez he could have eaten me twice by the time she picked me up. AND THEN she had the nerve to tell me to be quiet!!!! I was almost eaten by a big dog!!!!!!!!! As the big dog ran away I yelled at him a few times to leave us alone - which Mommy told me to be quiet again. Stupid Mommy.
By the time Mommy let me off my leash at the park I had enough so I turned around and went home. HA HA HA HAAAAA! I didn't want to go for a walk. Now I think I will sit on the couch and watch tv with Daddy.
Mommy hasn't made me Ande's cookies yet cause she says we are missing ingredients. I wish she would tell me what they are so I could go get them.
Tomorrow is shaping up to be the same. Mommy and Daddy will work all day. BUT guess what - Grandma is coming on Wednesday and Grandpa Mel!!!!! I hope they bring me presents!!!!
We'll see....


  1. Don't worry, Minou! You always write interesting stuff -- even when your day is just filled with sleep it's fun to read about! I wish my days were full of so much sleep and cookies.

  2. Minou - We LOVE your blog. We wish our mommy would get off her butt and help us make one. We are also still waiting for ehr to make us the Garlic Cheese Cookies. Lazy woman.

    Butt Sniffs and Dog Kisses -
    Abbey and Opie.

  3. We love to read your blog. We like to sleep, too, and we have issues with big dogs due to an unpleasant experience with a husky named Belle Vie but we call her Bellevue because she is CRAZY.

  4. Dear Minou,
    I want to stay in my tent too! I have a big dog barking at me, also, named "Boss-man" and he is trying to maybe kill me. Send wine.
    Crazy Aunt Purl

  5. hi minou! i love your blog. whenever my mommy reads, i bite her feet until she lets me read. my mommy is silly too. she says that i can't bite anyone. she's so mean. anyway, the garlic cheese cookies sound good.

    bites and licks,

  6. I miss Minou. Come visit. Soon! I will buy designer Isaac Mizrahi cookies for you as you know I cannot cook!