Monday, June 6, 2005

everyone was back at work

so I had the day to myself again. Daddy left his computer on today so I took pictures of myself with Baboon and emailed them to people. Nothing too naughty.
When Mommy came home she went for a run - she usually does that in the morning but this morning she couldn't get up on time. HA HA HAAAAA serves her right for reading blogs until midnight last night. I figured she wasn't coming to bed so I slept in her spot and when she did come I didn't move over so she had hardly and room to sleep and barely enough blanket. I may be small but I know EXACTLY where to lie down to maximize my size.
Maybe tonight she will come to bed ontime....


  1. Minou, why didn't you send *me* a picture of you and baboon? (pout)

  2. Minou,

    Wonder if you are related to Roy? He needs a full 3/4 of the queen-sized bed to be truly comfortable. I get about six inches, and the cats get the rest of the bed. Interesting. What are they punishing me for?