Sunday, June 26, 2005

drat I have been found out....

let's just say I have discovered a taste for strawberries recently... well I think it is all over cause Mommy caught me.
The lady who lives upstairs has a plant that she keeps strawberries in - what a weird place to keep strawberries. Mommy keeps hers in the fridge.
Anyhoo I found it and have been snacking in it for weeks! Well Mommy saw me today - I thought she was inside but she was really outside. CRAP. I am going to have to be very careful next time. I really like those strawberries - they are sooo soft not like crunch crunch at all. Even better then grapes!


  1. Min min - my back yard has a big patch of wild strawberries this year. They're probably not as tasty as the ones in those plants, but they are chihuahua sized!
    I'm surprised that your strawberry stained pink lips didn't betray your secret before this.

  2. Oh Minou, you do make me laugh.

  3. Yummy, strawberries are the best. Sorry you got found out, I wonder if your neighbor had noticed?

  4. Minou - I wish we could find strawberries outside. All we have found to eat outside so far is cow poop. Mom gets mad when we eat it. We also tend to roll in it - which may be the part that really amkes her mad. Silly mom - we like to smell - but she insists that we should smell "clean".

    Butt Sniffs and Dog Kisses -
    Abbey and Opie