Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter.
We were away for the weekend and my sister somehow lives with dial up. I wasn't even going to try looking anything up.

She is living in Castlegar out on an acreage. It could be nice if it WASN'T SNOWING. None of us Vancouver types were prepared. We showed up in jean jackets and hoodies, no winter boots or mittens so we stayed inside most of the time.

Minou decided to spice things up a bit our first night there. Madelaine and her have NEVER gotten along. NEVER. But usually scraps are avoided. This time we weren't so lucky. Jenn went to pick up Minou and Madelaine lunged - just cause she wanted attention too. Minou of course freaked and nipped at her. This is when Jenn claims she pierced Madelaine's tongue. We have no actual proof of this. I can't help but wonder if Madelaine didn't pierce her own tongue as she always has it hanging out.
Only a face a mother could love
Well Madelaine retalliated and within a second she was on top of a screaming Minou. I grabbed Madelaine by the collar and pulled her up with Minou still in her mouth so the two of them were dangling. I was sooo scared my sweetie was dead except for the fact she was still screaming. Madelaine let go and I might have kicked her for good measure - I don't really remember I was in full on 'get minou back' mode.
I grabbed her and she continued screaming for a bit. But finally quieted down. She was just clinging to me so I couldn't even see what the injuries were. Everyone jumped up to look at her. She is lucky. She is fine. She could have lost and eye amoungst other things - she was pretty banged up on the one side with cuts in her neck and on her eyelid. This picture is from the next morning and the swelling around her eye was already gone and alot of the redness disappeared.
Minou's death wise part 3
So that was fun. Madelaine was kept on a leash in the house for the rest of the weekend and I wore Minou in a sling all day Saturday as she was totally freaked out. Birdie was pretty shaken too and kept going up to Minou to check her out.
My sister likes to blame Minou - and maybe she did instigate it but Madelaine shouldn't try and EAT HER. A simple warning shot back would suffice.
The rest of the weekend was fine. There was a few more dog fights - none of which involved Minou or Birdie.
There was lots of wii playing.
LOTS of eating. Although I am on a no caffiene no chocolate diet which is brutal over Easter... The dictator got his second birthday cake. (it was his birthday on the 17th)
Now it is time to get back to studying for my last two weeks of classes and exams.... EEPS. I am already procrastinating.

Hope everyone had a much less eventful vacation then us.
Luc's 2nd cake


  1. MINOU! You poor little thing. I'm so glad Mommy was there to save you.

    Ling ling - despite what you may have heard, chihuahuas aren't for breakfast.

  2. Oh, my, that's a terrible way to get a tongue piercing! Sorry your Easter had an 'incident.' Cooper

  3. Minou! Glad you're ok, that's really scary.

    I agree, chihuahuas really don't make good eatin'.