Monday, February 4, 2008

Minou is in the hospital.
I am worried again....

She is to smart for her own good. While I was at work she went on the table and took a 70% dark chocolate bar, opened the plastic wrapper and ate half of it.

She was definitely on a sugar rush and super hyper.

I called th ER vet and they said get her to the nearest vet ASAP to induce vomiting. Unfortunately she ate it too long ago so vomiting isn't working. When they did the math for her weight and how much she had eaten they were all very concerned. I had to leave her there so they could hook her up to an IV and a few other things in an attempt to flush out her system.

As we weren't sure who had actually consumed the chocolate bar they induced vomiting with Birdie too. Birdie's vomit was clear though and they think she is fine. She is heavily sedated in my arms now though. Doesn't even seem to know where she is.

I hope Minou is ok........


  1. I'm saying lots of prayers for Min min.

    So is Uncle Andrew.

  2. Oh dear! Minou, you'd better get better! We're praying for ya.


  3. Naughty Minou!

    The day we had to put Snowball down because of the bone cancer, Libélula snagged his chewable pain meds off the counter; somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800mg of Rimadyl. After forced emesis she had to be in the vet hospital for the next few days being flushed with fluids. She hated it. She had so much fluid, she leaked. It was horrible. But she's fine. No damage. Still the same evil weasel we know and love. I wish this for Minou. ;)

    But some dogs are amazing and all are different. Libélula has gotten into a box of Godiva chocolates and been fine, but Tahoe has eaten a handful of M&Ms and barfed all over.

  4. OMG!. I pray that Minou is ok. Poor baby. Hugs to you!!

  5. Oh, god - I really really hope she's ok. Scary.