Monday, February 18, 2008

ok first of all I didn't take these pictures, and they aren't even from the vancouver show BUT I went. YIPPEE!!!!!!
I am feeling much better. I didn't wake up during the night cause I couldn't swallow. My ear doesn't hurt anymore.
I did go to the concert. Still didn't feel hot as of 6:00 last night but showered and got dressed. Not as 'dressed' as one should be for a marilyn manson concert but dressed none the less - as in I was no longer wearing a dirty dog haired covered shirt with fever sweat on it, a pair of old yoga pants and three very stylish barrettes in my extremely greasy hair. It doesn't take much to step up from that.
It was great. His new album sucks so I was a little worried but he only played 3 songs from it. He kept yelling "1996!" and then he would play an old song that none of the little kids that were at the show knew. heh heh. Yah for people over 30!!!!! The dictator looked around at one point and said "this audience looks like they belong at the police concert" heh heh. Us old folks. heh heh. It was fun. lots of old school gimmicks. We were in the 4th row just off the centre. You could see him spit - which he did alot of which was DISGUSTING. Threw alot of mikes into the audience.... hmmm what else. Not sure. it was fun. I feel better...
Now I have to get back to work and get something done before Tuesday.

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