Sunday, February 10, 2008

It is 2:51am. I can't sleep. Haven't been sleeping much the past few days - well at night that is. 2:00pm I am out like a light. So I decided to get up and be productive. Working on my homework for this week. Now I have to make Birdie a mailer.

Assignment 3 - Birdie's Mailer in the works
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Steph I need your help! I need a rewrite...... any suggestions? I guess I can give you a couple of days... If you need it. But I'm not going to pay you a cent. Understood?
I still don't know what she is selling - I'm pretty good at being vague eh?

My little story sucks, but I want the opera and biting monkeys for sure. And I don't like the 'noses taste good' line either....
When I am done school we should start a business. You do the slogans and stuff and I'll make the pictures.

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