Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am home.
I don't feel very good anymore - the sugar rush wore off pretty quickly when I got to the vet.
They gave me many many needles.
I still didn't throw up or poop though.I won't give up my chocolate that easily. Last night I slept with mommy on the couch. I don't usually let her cuddle me that much but I liked it last night. I didn't feel good so I cried a little and let her kiss my head all night.
When she took the pink bandage off my leg she started to cry again. They ripped a bunch of my skin so it was all bloody and scabbed in two spots, and then she saw the big bruise from the IV. It is kind of shocking. My leg is only 3/4" wide there and it spans the entires width and is about 1" long. A nice dark purple with some yellow mixed in, you can clearly see it under my blonde hair. I don't think I will let anyone touch it today.
Luckily Mommy doesn't have to go anywhere until Daddy gets home from work do she can watch me and Birdie all day....


  1. You gave everyone quite a scare last night, Missy.

    I'm glad you're ok. When you're feeling better, we're going to have a long talk about the dangers of substance abuse.

  2. Minou! It's not nice to scare your mama like that! Stick to greenies...chocolate is a gateway drug.

    (Glad everything is ok...pats for Ang)

  3. Minou! How could you scare Mommy like that! We love you very much so stay off the hard stuff!