Sunday, February 3, 2008

One week into classes and I just had to turn down my first graphic design (entry level) job (Thanks T-dawg). Poops!
It was to be in the art department on this movie.
I still might get a few days though - all is not lost.

In the meantime my homework this week was designing a business card for Birdie. I made the mistake of designing a logo for her last week and this week we had to take our logo and turn it into a business card. Needless to say this has all gone to Birdie's head and she is being very demanding. I had to make several versions before she picked one she liked. Even then it required much tweaking. After all that she still can't tell me what her business is - she called it Monkey Bytes. Sounds very high tech but all I can tell is that she chews on monkeys.

I have to go to the mall now - finish shopping before my artsclub photoshoot tomorrow. Don't really want to though....


  1. Congrats on the new job! Very cool (especially considering the success of Juno).

    Nice card! Very hip. Its only a matter of time before she starts using only acronyms to communicate.

  2. Could you send me Birdie's card? I think I know some people who could use her services.