Wednesday, January 26, 2005

mommy's sweater

mommyis getting closer to being done.

oh hang on i have to try to steal her bagel.....

haha ii got some i'm licking the honey off her pants cause she dropped it.

ok so her sweater.. she needs more wool apparently - i hope she take me with her when she goes, I will make her get more yarn for me... she has started the ribbing but won't start the sleeves until she gets more wool.

julien - why won't you walk properly? It is fun going for runs! Well your mommy must be faster - my mommy is like a TURTLE. but still you can sniff and pee and eat poop in the woods! It makes me so tired afterwards I have to have long naps. Mommy looked like she went for a run this morning but she didn't take me - that is okay I got two cookies instead. it was too early anyhow.


  1. Min min - tell mommy that her sweater is beautiful. Aunt Stephie is very jealous.

  2. did you get your presents yet min min?
    guess what I already have two new front teeth!!!

    Cna you ask your mom to call my mom tomorrow with a cake recipe for us? It is Yogi's birthday tomorrow and she wants to make a cake....I can't wait....I saw daddy's cake and I think I will like cake a lot...except my harness is almost to tight again....