Sunday, January 2, 2005


Mommy took this picture of me sleeping on the couch last night. How rude, how am I supposed to know I was exposing myself, I was asleep. I don't take pictures of her in her sleep, maybe I'll start. I guess I don't need to put this on the internet but I am looking for help! Can't mommy and daddy be taken away for this?

here is the sweater now - I am waiting until it is almost done before I do something to it - this gives me time to think of something really clever and evil.

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  1. Min min - I've placed a call to Victims of Dog Porn (VODP - not to be confused with the Human VODP branch - Victims of Dog Poo), but I don't know that they'll be able to help. It seems that ever since Paris Hilton's dog appeared in various states of undress on The Simple Life, well, the VODP hasn't had a hydrant to pee on.

    I'm sorry to see you exploited in this manner. It's undignified.