Monday, January 17, 2005

more of mommie's sweater

  • mommy wanted me to post her sweater again - she made lots of progress during her wait at the hospital today. An hour of nothing to do at all lets you really focus.. she's been knitting all afternoon too. she has looked really sad - i don't think they gave her a treat at the vet. and I bet they made her sit on a metal table while she waited.... poor mommy. I cuddled lots with her today.

    I was sneaky too - mommy went to get my food out of the closet and while she wasn't looking i went in and snuck 3 cookies out of the closet - HAHAHAHA!!!!!! i also got two grapes today that mommy dropped. They were fun they roll around alot.
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    1. Min min,
      Could you please give Mommy lots of love and kisses? And, if possible, could you make her some of those granola bars that I sent the recipe for? I know she likes them and I think it would be nice if she had something to help her maintain her energy. The good thing about the granola bars is that they are really crumbly and you would get to clean lots of granola snacks off the floor. Be careful when you take them out of the oven, be sure to wear your oven mitts.