Monday, January 24, 2005


mommy and I went for a walk today. a LONG waslk. it was fun. Mommy made me a harness - i like it better then my collars. When I run as fast asI can after a bird it doesn't choke me all of a sudden when I get to the end. At first i didn't like it and wouldn't move but I like it now.

i remember when I lost my teeth - i ate most of them. Mommy has three somewhere - I never got to see the tooth fairy.

mommy and I were tired after a walk - we both had to have a sleep on the couch. daddy disappeared while we we slept I think he went to hit those white balls that I don't get to chase.

daddy brought home a big red bone for mommy today - it is for her truck. I don't knwo what it is for - the lady who lives upstairs told mommy her car was stolen on Saturday - but I don't know how the big red bone will help someone from stealing mommie's truck. I think they should steal it, then I won't have to throw up in it anymore.

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