Saturday, August 13, 2005

done work

Mommy is finally done working on merlin. She is very happy about it so she says - however it is hard to tell. She came home crying and dirty last night at 5:00am and has slept all day. No walks, no sitting by the pool, nothing. So I slept with her. I like napping with Mommy. We moved from the couch to the bed to the couch to the bed back and forth all day. I kinda wish she had showered though - she smells pretty gross. I tried licking her to clean her up but it was a lost cause.
Hopefully tomorrow we will do something fun.
nothing much else is new. She has been at work alot this week. I went for a walk with Christine on Wednesday I wish Mommy had told her to come on thursday too. Yesterday night Daddy came home. He golfed a bunch today.
i guess that is all... Bedtime


  1. I wondered why you and Mommy weren't taking any calls yesterday...
    Napping all day, huh? Isn't that your and Mommy's favourite way to spend the day?

  2. Oh Minou, I hope your Mommy was only crying because she was really, really tired. She's lucky to have a good nap buddy like you. Sleep well, and I hope you guys go on a fun walk together soon.