Wednesday, August 3, 2005

i got to go for TWO walks today and hung out at the beach with Christine - she is wayyyyy better then Mommy. Stupid Mommy. She got up at 5:00am and was running late so she didn't even give me a kiss goodbye. And then she didn't come home until 10:30pm. Fine ignore me I will ignore you and blog! hee hee.. And now she won't give me treats!
stupid. I am MADDDD...
Christine took pictures of me on the beach but I don't have them yet so I will post them later.
Mommy took pictures today at work.

This is where mommy was working today - not a bad view. She isn't supposed to take personal photos on the set so she could only sneak a few pointed away from the set and take continuity photos.
She has a picture of some knights but she could get in big trouble if she posted them so you will all have to wait and if you really can't stand it go see the movie when it comes out and if you still are going crazy cause you want to see the boring photo you will have to email my mommy.

This is dirty mommy's foot. She comes home at least this dirty everynight - I am surprised people still talk to her there.
no new donations - Mommy hasn't hit up the people at work yet - she better - soon!!!! OR ELSE!!!


  1. Jeepers, Minou. Mommy's big toe looks inordinately large in that photo. I think it must be the lighting. Perhaps it's the shading of the dirt. Are you sure that's your mommy's foot?

    I'm happy to hear that you had a good time with Christine. Lucky dog. hee hee.

  2. holy cripes!!!
    that just more than the internet wants to see, right mon chien?
    tell your maman i'll still talk to her though. the rest of her is much more pretty and attractive.hahahahahahahhah