Sunday, August 28, 2005

lazy weekend

unlike last weekend where we went camping and I had photos to post All Week. This weekende we didn't do much. Mommy and I went to a work picnic on Saturday for a lady from Stargate. It was fun until those other dogs showed up. Then I had to tell them I was in charge and they didn;t listen to me and Mommy got mad at me. There was soooo much food too and I tried to look really cute and no one gave me any food! I could not believe it. 30+ people and NO FOOD FOR MINOU. And then one of the other dogs named Cookie at my stick. Ugh.
But when we went home my Grandma was here! Yippee!!! She stayed one night and Mommy says she lives in Vancouver now and not in Quebec. YAY we can share my dog cookies!
Today we went shopping to buy Grandma a bike. She doesn't have a basket for me to ride in though.
Not much else is new......
oh and we added word verification to our comments because we got our first spam the other day... hope no one minds too much.


  1. Oooh, Stargate used to be my most favoritest show...until they jumped the shark this season. Even Saber loved it. I can't believe that they gave you no food love! How rude.

  2. What kind of silly people would throw a party and have no food for you?

    Glad your grandma moved to town, it's nice to have relatives that live nearby.