Tuesday, August 9, 2005

i hate titles I refuse to have one.
donate DONATE DONATE we haven't gotten any new donations in WEEKS. We know there are more of you out there - give us a $1, give us $5! if you are American and you give us $.25 it is probably like giving us a $1.00 canadian.... We are sooo close to our goal but we aren't there.. sigh and now you can win the prize!!!!!!
I am a little worried Mommy is going to bring a brother home for me. NO WAY!!!! Yesterday I heard her talking on the phone - ohhhing and ahhing with AUntie Thyrza so I went and sat outside so I could hear what she was saying.
It wasn't good.
there is some chihuahua/terrier cross that was on a movie set last week. The animal wrangler was giving him away because he failed movie school.
He is probably 'special' if he failed school. I wouldn't fail school - I would be at the top of the class. If they didn't make me do stupid things.
anyways - he failed... and now the wrangler didn't want him.
So the wrangler gave him away to another costume lady. That costume lady took him home but found out the german sheperd she had didn't get along with him so she can't keep him....
Mommy kept saying she wanted him. Now I don't think we are allowed to have another puppy here - which might save me from this DOOM... But I don't know and whenever I bark at the landlady to ask her she just tells me I am cute. It is very frustrating trying to get these silly people to understand me.
I don't care if he is cute, and neutered and trained and stuff - he is an icky poor and he will try and steal my treats and attention.


  1. aw honey bun, you would like having a brother...just think someone to fight with, and play with and steal treats off of!!!

  2. If you get a brother, I promise it's going to be okay. Even my (human) girls have adapted to having each other around, so, apparently have the evil kitties. Besides, you'll be doing the poor puppy a big, big favor.

  3. Min min - you know you can live with me if times get tough. You know, if Mommy adopts another doggie, she may feel the need to pamper you with EXTRA treats until you get used to having another dog around.

  4. Minou!

    Hi! It's me! I'm cheating... locked myself in an empty office away from everyone here so I could catch up on emails and blogs :) Hi! Hi!

    If you get another puppy, just remember... you have seniority. That puppy has to be your man slave. It could work. He could find the piles of horse poo and you could leisurely roll in them. Just an idea!

  5. I think it would be a wonderful thing if you took in the poor puppy. He would keep you company when mommy works long hours. Of course, I am a cat who won't allow any other furry thing into my own home - but I still think it's a good thing... for you.

  6. Minou, because I am totally in love with you I strong-armed the cats, and Momoze, Sassy and I each donated. Sassy says, girl power....I don't CARE if Minou's another species, we gotta stick together...

    pssssst. If you wanna email me back you can do so through mommy at