Friday, February 9, 2007

I slept in until 11:00am today. I am going to totally blame it on the cleanse even though I'm not feeling the least bit tired from it. But it seems liker a good excuse.
Actually the only symptoms I seem to have are a stiff lower back and a stiff right arm - WHICH oddly enough are two spots I fight with constantly - only usually only when I am doing something - AKA not sleeping in until 11:00am and watching days of our lives! I reread the symptons and apparently muscle aches are something that can happen - I will pretend I believe in the hippy dippy new age stuff for a minute and say that there are toxins there and that this is making them better! Heh heh.
Luc has 'jumped aboard' the cleanse game too - not to say he is doing the cleanse but he quite enjoys telling me what I can't eat. And he added DUST to the list of foods I can eat (Little britain fans will get that reference) He did take my unemployed butt to the grocery store tonight to get some more almond butter and blueberries.
I'm even swallowing all the pills before my meal now (still with apple juice mind you)
I discovered a new way to tell when Birdie is going to fart. She managed to get a bunch of uncooked brown rice this morning when I was cleaning up and her stomach was kinda upset all day (she puked a bunch of it up on the carpet eventually), she was sitting in my lap at one point and I could hear her little stomach gurgling away when she started shaking - like Minou does when she is freaked out. Only Birdie is a little to 'slow' to get freaked out so she doesn't generally shake. Suddenly there was a rather potent little POUFF. Then Birdie stopped shaking and looked quite pleased with herself (she's her father's daughter).
Next time she starts shaking I am leaving the room.
I told Dictator Daddy this theory and he promptly started shaking and then let one rip - he is such a romantic.
Not much else is new here. I was too lazy to make it to my studio - had to finish my portfolio for my job interview tomorrow and then there was DISHES. I hate doing the dishes. And then days of our Lives and then Passions - you can see why I neevr made it to the studio.


  1. Ha, you crazy kids and your intestinal actions, you make me laugh.

  2. At least Birdie gives you fair warning. I can't imagine that the dictator will keep up the practice of shaking.

  3. hee i enjoy telling my HM she can't have choc-glud! since we dogs can't have them either.

    my tummy rumbles too when i am about to poof. but i like it to be a surprise, so i think i'll pass on the shaking :)