Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another update
Minou is in my lap - growling at an unidentified assasin. She is much perkier then yesterday. We still don't know what is wrong with her but she seems much improved. The vet is still worried though and we need to check in with him in the morning.
She was on an I.V. for the afternoon and came home with a cute little pink bandaid (that matched her nose) on her leg. (I took a picture - I'll upload it later. Must not disturb the sleeping puppy in my lap.)
She was trying to eat her food which is a good sign - I had to take it away - she is on a diet of rice and egg -1 tbsp total until she is feeling better. Birdie is quite jealous.
I think I will sleep much better tonight. Hopefully I'll even drag my sorry ass out of bed for my fitness class at 6:20am.....
I'd really like to know what caused this and know what IT is but right now I am really happy that Minou is acting like herself. Even baboon got some lovin'.......


  1. This does sound encouraging. Give her a wee hug from me. Lots of prayers and healing thoughts are still coming from the East Coast.

  2. Still sending the Minou love. Glad that she's eating and humping again!

  3. I'm so relieved. I have to say, I was very brave with you on the phone, then I hung up and called Andrew and started bawling.

    If Baboon is getting some love, then she must be on the mend. I've never been so glad to hear that the Minou was humping him.

  4. We're rooting for a rebound. A day without humpin' is a day without sunshine.