Monday, February 12, 2007

ok I'll tell you all my running drama.
We have four volunteer leaders with our pace group. (It is quite a large group) One of us leads the group on it's route. I send out a weekly email, another lady - well she is there and the 4th lady times our running intervals telling us when we it is time to walk or run.
Does that all make sense?
I was running in the middle of the group this week. Our timing lady was at the back of the group. I usually set my watch with the timing lady just because I like to know. If I am with someone who is struggling I can tell them there is only 30 more seconds or something like that.
Someone in front of me was also timing this week. It looked like one of our particpants. She would yell "run" or "walk" at the right times so I would go along with her. Sometimes I start talking and lose track of time. Our 'timer' was so far behind me I couldn't ask her to blow the whistle.
After our run our 'timer' came up to me and started shouting at me. She wasn't going to be the timer anymore because she didn't like to be made to feel like an idiot. Why couldn't I wait 5 seconds for her to blow the whistle. It made her look stupid when we were already running and then she would blow the whistle. I was shocked and thought she was joking at first. But then she kept yelling at me.
I tried to explain what had happened - that someone in front of me was shouting run and walk. But she wouldn't listen. and she stomped off. Finally I explained to the other leader who was standing there just so someone knew what was happening. While I was explaining freak out lady came back and listened.
She eventually apologized. I'm still not sure what the big deal was. Someone suggested menopause to me. She had even accused me of being bossy. (Which I definitely can be but I was not doing at running class)
So that was my fun on what usually is my stress free running class. The though of needing a bathroom break was the last thing on my mind needless to day.
ok it is lunch time then off to the studio

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