Wednesday, February 14, 2007

As everyone is after the prized BFF position with Steph it appears I need to step it up a bit. I have not heard back after my phone interview so I think I will send more qualifications. I really want the job but I think I have this distance thing working against me.
Angela's Resume
Vancouver BC

- I have let Steph take pictures of me in the tub (yes I was actually having a bath and remember I didn't meet Steph until univeristy)
- When Steph is up late at night waiting for Mr. Happy to come home she knows she can call/email/msn/skype me anytime and chances are I'll be awake
- Minou is an excellent vaccum and will clean your kitchen floor at anytime
- we know each other's pin numbers.
- I have had a phone conversation with Steph's grandma - I know that is all I need to say about that one. heh heh.....
- I was awoken by Steph the morning after her wedding and went for breakfast with her and Mr. Happy - I still feel bad about that Mr. Happy but I'm glad you were such a good sport!
- I am actually Mr. Happy's long lost twin (I'm practically already family)
- I'm BFF with Renee Zellweger and if you are BFF with me you are BFF with her too. (Ok so I am stretching the truth a bit here)
- We survived the hurricane together (ok well from 5 blocks apart but you fed us when we had no heat)
- we can both roll our eyes when someone says 'heather' or 'breaky'
- I've recorded episodes of trading spaces for her (I never sent them to her but I recorded them)
- She is Minou's Dogmother
- I'll be 33 this year tooooooo!!!
- I'm not an aquarius but heck libras and aquarius are supposed to get along famously and that's me and Steph!
- I will happily eat as many donuts (cookies or cake) as Steph can force down my throat
- I will never make a future bridesmaid wear a 'bridesmaid dress'
- I haven't worked with steph but I have met many of her 'quirky' co workers and relish in many of the stories she shares about them

Uhmmm I am running out of things, I'm starting to come up with reasons why Steph should be my BFF. Hmmmm I think she might actually be a better BFF then me! Becca is one LUCKY girl!
We all love you Steph! Happy Valentines!


  1. Let's just clarify that Pictures in the tub thing:

    1. It was a jacuzzi filled with bubbles - all that you could see was her head.
    2. I don't remember the photo at all.
    3. I cannot find the photo anywhere. (and I've looked EVERYWHERE)

  2. Oh - and thanks for taking the hit with Grammy. You're a brave woman. Some of my friends are still scared of her after all these years.