Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Minou finally let me have a username again. Brat....
I am unemployed for who knows how long so I decided it was about time I did my first cleanse.
I am approximently 2 hours into it and I HATE it. This is going to be brutal.
It is the wild rose herbal de-tox cleanse.
I can't eat any flour, dairy (except butter), sugar, tropical fruits, pasta, etc etc.
For those of you who know me that doesn't leave much for me to eat.
AND the worst part is I have to take 6 pills with breakfast and supper and have 30 drops of this horrible horrible horrible extract that tastes like dog vomit. (I am assuming)
OH MY. I hope I can stick it out. I'm a little worried about the laxitive (I'm spelling that wrong) end of things - especially for runs.
Right now the 1st set of 6 pills is just sitting in the pit of my stomach. Making me feel nauseous. I have always hated pills and they always make me throw up. Usually it just takes one or two - 6 is going to be horrible...
Am I done complaining yet? maybe. maybe not.

It's kinda nice not working - I need to make myself busy though. I do need a paycheck. Theatre pays so badly I have managed to completely empty out my savings account. I need to do my taxes get some of that $$ but I am still missing half my T-4s.

Am I done complaining now. Ok. I guess so.
Thanks for listening.


  1. I have a feeling you're not supposed to exercise too much on a cleanse. We are trying a similar thing, but more along the lines of "let's not drink alcohol during the week and cut back on our cream/pasta/bread consumption."

  2. You really suck at being the daughter of a pharmacist - can't take pills. What would our fathers say????

  3. uhh. and just why are you doing this??

    Dog vomit must be tasty the way they gobble it up when they do it....gross, I know.

  4. I just weighed myself - we'll see what this does for the figure.
    I'm a whopping 162 (I have never weighed this much before thank god I am 5'8" so I can carry it a bit better then some) and my supposed waist is 31"
    UGH. If two weeks on this cleanse works a miracle then I'll have to keep some of the diet going for sure.
    won't that be depressing